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Present Your Work

A major objective of Ramon GeoInt360 is to present the latest research and results of work related to the GeoInt topics. Authors are invited to suggest abstracts for both oral and poster presentations that will be held during the meeting. The meeting will provide an opportunity to highlight recent development and to identify emerging and future areas of growth in this field.


Suggested topics for presentations:

  • Space Dimension Opportunities

  • Signal processing, Image processing, Computer Vision and AI

  • Cloud Computing

  • Geo-Spatial Big Data insights

  • Smart cities & Digital twins

  • Indoor & Outdoor Mapping

  • 3D Modeling, Analysis, and Visualization

  • GNSS/INS navigation

  • Aerial Photogrammetry & Remote sensing

  • Technological aspect in Climate change

August 31, 2023

Decision Notification

July 29, 2023

Submission Due Date

October 30, 2023

Presentation Submission Due Date

Presentation Type

Oral Presentation

General Details

Related Topics

Contact Information

Append abstract in *.pdf format

The abstract should have the following structure:

  1. Title of the contribution

  2. Authors and affiliation

  3. Keywords (3-4 words)

  4. Main body (1 page)

  5. Illustrations, tables (optional)

  6. References (optional)


Abstracts should include at least 250 words (Font size: 12, Line-Spacing: 1.5). The submission should include the title, authors name and affiliation, keywords and main text that presents the summary of the contribution (introduction, research question, research relevance, proposed methodology and solution, experimental results and evaluation). Optional material can include illustrations, tables and references. Submission should not be more than two pages.

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